It is your data

Use conncetions that are already in place.

Business is about trust and relationships.

Use your existing connections to promote your project, charity fundraiser, lemonade stand and any other initiative.

If you made progress with your life and career, your old friends are also into something.

13 years of email, 100k individual messages, way too much process manually.

Starting with Gmail due to convenient API. Expanding to other email providers and social networks on the roadmap.



Rocket science, alien technology, crypto magic, secret sauce.

Don't be misled, these are just the buzzwords.

Currently the algorithms are pretty simple but it can go beyond meta.

Natural Language Processing

Digesting giga octoputes of data.

Artificial Intelligence

Catalysing hyperdimensional transmutation.

Machine Learning

It becomes smarter as the speed of light accelerates into the gravitational wormhole.

Neural Networks

Uncovering relationships and connections.

Meta Post Singularity

We live in a simulation anyway.


Transparency and integrity.

Moving on...

Why letting go?

I was aware of Gmass but never actually used it.

Used it once. Felt it love. Such a classy product. Simplicty. No way I could accomplish such a quality.

It just works, mail merge from Google Docs, full on automation, next level.

Extracting data from Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / email archive is still a thing, personal data mining, personal AI avatar, analysing your thoughts, contacs, relationships...

See the current demo. It's pretty decent, only slightly embarassed.

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